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Heat @ Bucks (Hammer Play)

It is finally time to see what the Bucks are all about. 3 consecutive years in a row, especially last year, Giannis Anteteifnifbdh has been exposed. When playoffs come around and the games slow down he always ends up being a no show for one reason. Giannis is a one dimensional player and easy to plan for. 

The difference with this year is he took that next step and is shooting. My gut feeling is Giannis and the Bucks will collapse the Heat's defense when he starts hitting 3s/mid range jumpers. I really feel like he’s gonna come alive this series and I hate saying that. I’m a Bucks hater through and through. This team is a bunch of weirdos.

I got the Heat straight balling this series though. The Miami Heat are a full on crew of savages. Any team led by Jimmy Butler isn't scared of shit. The Heat have the size, the perimeter shooting, and coaching to upset the Milwaukee Creeps. I just dont think itll happen. The Bucks have a lot to lose considering Giannis is about to team up with Steph and Klay and win 15 straight titles. This is The Bucks year to go to the Finals. That's their only hope of keeping Giannis. If Giannis leaves the Bucks, I literally think the Milwaukee Creeps will shut their facility doors and the organization down. 

The Miami Heat lack star power:

Jimmy Butler is great, he's a star in this league, Tyler Herro is up and coming, Duncan Robinson is the best shooter in the NBA, Bam is up and coming (can’t shoot), but they don't have anyone to take them to the promised land. Giannis is an actual megastar and Kris Middleton is just about a star. We’ll see what kind of series he has. The Heat have the system and coaching, but that won't do it against these creepshow Bucks. Anything is possible and I love the Heat. Over here at Koolaid Bloggers were rooting for Miami to win this series in 4 and the Bucks to shut down the organization.

Game 1 is a Max Play.