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Grizzlies vs Trail Blazers (MAX PLAY & PREVIEW)

Posting this a little early because I will be at my new million dollar lake house in Indiana, which I bought after the Thunder +4 win the other day. WiFi won’t be set up till next week and service is rough out there. 

After months of searching for a good reason to not like Ja Morant, I have hammered one. 

Ja Morant is a rookie, rookies make mistakes. The NBA is a whole different ball game then college basketball. It takes time to develop and adjust. He’ll learn from the mistakes he’s made in games.

To come into this league as cocky as he could possibly be and running his mouth any chance he gets to vets/stars, then go out and start slipping on himself at the end of 4th quarters and make numerous turnovers at the end of must win games, just wow. Ja Morant is all talk and a full blown no show child. Do something on the court people respect, then come back with this cocky attitude you have bud. 

Ja Morant has a chance here to regain some respect. This is a big respect game for the Grizzlies. Show everyone you’re not a bunch of sally's.

Dillion Brooks where you at bro? This guy better be the reason the Grizzlies win this play-in series if they somehow do, which they will not. When Dillion Brooks shot isn't falling, he must be awful to play with. His shot selection and court vision is poor to say the least. If I’m the GM of the Grizzlies I'm set on trading him the second this play-in stuff is over if he doesn't shoot 30/30 from 3. 

Damian Lillard is just not losing this play-in game, series, whatever. You think he might lose down 15 in the fourth quarter but he will find a way. He will stay in the whole 4th quarter, he will make shots, he will attack the basket and draw contact if his shot isn’t falling, he’ll play the best defense he can possibly play, he will give everything his body has to win. 

The Portland Trail Blazers deserve to win this game. Damian Lillard deserves this game. The Blazers got the personnel to take the Lakers to a game 7. Bubble basketball is a different breed and the way the Lakers have been looking, they should be scared. 

This is a playoff game. Things will slow down and the Grizzlies/Blazers will get back on defense. I’m expecting a low scoring close game. It’s either that or the Grizzlies will literally get smoked off the court. 

Either way, come 1:30PM Central Time on Saturday, we got a MAX PLAY. Starting the playoffs the only way I know how, WINNING.