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Grizzlies VS Pelicans (Thoughts)

The New Orleans Pelicans are so dead. They play the best losing basketball ive ever seen. It's an absolute travesty watching them play decent looking basketball for 40 minutes every single time and then in the last 8 minutes they're absolutely no one to be found. 

Big ass Zion got a bubble built for him yet the Pelicans as a whole seemed to have no motivation to make a playoff push. JJ Reddick was the only player on this roster who looked like he wanted it out there. This team is young with no composure. I think it starts with Alvin Gentry and the limitations on Zion. I understand it's not worth risking anything happening to him but really, 15 minutes, when he was the most game altering player on the floor for all 15 of those minutes. I'm not even speaking on what happened in the Clippers game Saturday.

The Clippers just got done sending the Pelicans into another world, yet I still like Pelicans spread tonight. That Clippers blowout was the sorriest shit ive ever seen.

One thing I noticed about this Pelicans team is they love winning the pointless games and love losing the games that matter or have some sort of value to them. 

The Grizzlies, holy mother of god, I have to see a therapist after seeing Ja Morant slip on himself twice in crunch time and ultimately blowing that game. That was absolutely horrifying to watch. The Grizz kids simply don't have enough in my opinion, which is expected, they're starting the process of building around Ja. 

Grizz Kids coming off a game last night.

I like the PeliClowns rolling up and winning a pointless game like they always do by more than 5. Make a quick statement before you start packing your bags to leave the bubble. Not to mention the Pelicans are an awful matchup for the Grizzlies, last time they met Zion and the Pelicans rocked them. Then without Zion against the Grizz at home they still gave them the business. The Pelicans talent will get the best of the Grizzlies again tonight. Also you never know the Pelicans could win every game from here on out and sneak into the playoffs! Sike ass