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(Vintage) Dion Waiters Heat Return/Reaction

It's important that we discuss and acknowledge what happened this past Friday night as a team. 20 seconds before tip off it was announced that Dion Waiters will be returning and getting minutes. I called bullshit and continued on with the Clippers -2 pick. Dion Waiters has been high, ruled out, suspended, inactive, injured, since I was literally 13 years old. Towards the end of the 1st quarter and he entered the game, not only did my jaw drop, I almost fainted. Luckily I had a full bottle of smelling salts on hand ready for use. As i was fading out and about to hit the floor like a ton of bricks my friend cracked a smelling salt and revived me. 

Moral of the story: carry emergency smelling salts on you at all times, or create a smelling salt addiction so you have them on you at all times.

Dion Waiters looked absolutely confused out there and very high. Despite some 3 point attempts that skimmed the ceiling of the arena and went in, he also avoided  dribbling the ball or even moving on the basketball court. This guy wanted the ball passed to him every possession so he could chuck it up sky high. Dion Waiters might of air balled 4 times that game. 

With Dion Waiters back blocking people at the end of games and running up to hit a rainbow 3 in hopes to blow the spread, the Miami Heat are a team I will avoid placing any bet on or against till playoffs. 

The last thing I need in my life is to see Dion Waiters hit a game-winning 3 and lose me money. That’s enough to have people seeing a therapist after.