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Clippers @ Lakers Pick

Pick: Clippers +2 (3U/$300)

Just to point out right now, if Nicolas Batum steps foot on the court tonight I will be in utter shock.

Money is pouring in on the Lakers and I don’t necessarily understand why.

This is the regular season opening night and the Lakers just got out of a bubble a few months ago and lets be honest, they went HARD all bubble. This game means absolutely positively nothing to them, as they already know they’re the best team and clear favorite.

Anyone who’s betting big on the Lakers tonight is a clearcut moron and should not be involved in the betting game. Hate to be a hardass but it's true. If you like Lakers and got money to blow go ahead, have some fun, betting big on them though and claiming its a “lock”, different story.

The Clippers have the personnel to easily win this game and Paul George is absolutely sick of all the backlash he's getting. It’s highly uncalled for and people need to respect his game whether you like him or not. I hate Giannis, but I'll never lie and say he's not an insane all world player.

I think the Clippers come out firing tonight and do Lakers bettors dirty. Kawhi Leonard owned the Lakers last year for the most part because no one is taking things to an extreme level during the regular season for the Lakers. No one is risking injury on a team that is coasting to the finals regardless.

Ty Lou will have this team ready to get after it and I'm excited to see it. That devastating 3-1 comeback by the nuggets gets slightly, very slightly forgotten about with a statement win here tonight on opening day. Clippers will be going hard..=

Both teams have roster additions and neither team will gel right away out there, but I'm giving the edge to the Clippers all day tonight.

Luke Kennard is a quiet addition and I see tremendous value in that pickup for the Clippers. I like this Clippers roster a lot and it’s a huge bounce back year for them.