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Celtics @ Raptors (LOCK OF THE GENERATION) (GAME 7)

The 2019-2020 Toronto Raptors are one of the most inspiring NBA teams of all time. Led by Kyle Lowry this team has the heart, the passion, and everything that comes with the game of basketball. 

Since the restart the Raptors haven't looked bad in any such way, but they just weren't the same looking team we saw before Covid took over the United States. Before Covid took over I remember going off every week saying “The Raptors are the hardest team in basketball”. That team is back..

Like every other logical basketball fan, I wrote them off after going down 2-0. I'm here to inform myself and anyone else who thought this that we should be ashamed. The Toronto Raptors are LIVE. 

This Game 7 will be incredible and the Boston Celtics should win. There’s no reason to even analyze this any deeper than just looking at the roster. The Celtics have 2 NBA stars while the Raptors have realistically zero. I'm an actual broken record the past two weeks, I feel a team with a lack of stardom should be written off 99% of the time. I don't care about the system, the coach, the stars are the only players that win championships. 

The Celtics were the best sleeper pick to win the bubble title. I just don’t think they're ready to even make it out of the East this year. Gordon Hayward was a tough loss for this series, he's a key piece to the team's unstoppable perimeter shooting. Things just aren't going the Celtics way. If they can't win this game when will they make it to the finals? Considering Kevin Durant is running the East the next 3 years. The pressure is on and the Cetlics don't look built for it. 

Realistically the Raptors have absolutely positively nothing to lose. Kawhi Leonard leaving was supposed to send that team into another dimension and here they are right back in a second round game 7. This Raptors team is literally clowning around out there having fun playing some basketball, it just so happens to be at a professional level. 

Shout out to Pascal Siakom who has looked like a 2 star player all series for getting the ball to go in when it's absolutely needed. He missed a couple shots in the overtime, but when it was a must score possession or go home, he came through with that midrange jumper to keep them alive. It’s definitely fair to critique his play this series since he's the Raptors prized possession, but the Celtics should be very scared. This guy is so due to have a great game. A game where he's the reason the Raptors win. 

The Raptors will make a bad mistake out there and then come right back at you with an incredible play on defense or an incredible play on offense to offset that. This team does not stop coming at you and I can't imagine how hard they'll play in a game 7 with nothing on the line.

The Celtics have missed opportunity after opportunity to close this team out. It would suck for them to be too late and get bounced. NBA game 7s, the first thought that comes to mind always is "the best player on the court". Jayson Tatum is the best player on the court. Will he show out and get it done though when the pressure is on? After the play we saw from the Raptors in game 6 and the Celtics all series, there is no wrong side in this game 7. Pick your poison, or ride with Koolaid the Millionaire, the greatest NBA bettor of this generation.

The right pick is Celtics ML, but just because it's the right pick doesn't mean it'll happen. 

Lock of the Generation drops tomorrow around 7:00PM Central time.