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Celtics @ Heat GAME 4 (Preview)

Updated: Sep 24, 2020


Boston Celtics ML -160 (3U)

Boston Celtics -3.5 (3U)

I’m not hopping off The Heat bandwagon to win this series, but I am definitely worried that what I've been saying all playoffs about this team is finally going to show if someone doesn't step up in a very official and emphatic way the rest of the way out. That was a must win for the Celtics I expected them to win game 3, but it was the way the Heat lost that worries me.

Kelly Olynak, likeeeee where you at my guy. You weren't brought here to brick 3s all game, you were brought here to rip someones arm off their body preferably a star player on the opposing team when it matters most.

The lack of starpower for the Heat is concerning. Jimmy Butler is fantastic and we watched him close games 1 and 2 with big shots but you simply need more now that this Celtics team is fully loaded. Jimmy Butler is a 4 star player who worked to get to where he is and can only do so much. Another star is desperately needed on this team, a star who was born to play basketball, a naturally talented 4.5 star player like Kyrie Irving, etc. 

I'm still gonna roll with the Heat to win this series. I think the Miami Heat culture overrides any player the Celtics got and I personally think The Heat are the better matchup for the Lakers and would be a much better looking series. Like I said, the Celtics are there physically but the Miami Heat are there mentally and physically.

I also just want to point out, Kendrick Nunn is the worst player I've ever seen in a playoff basketball game. On top of him not showing up to the bubble ready to play, it seems that the Goran Dragic start over him really sent him under. Goran shining and Nunn getting very limited minutes off the bench looks to have left him mentally broken. He looks absolutely horrific and it's fair to see him step onto the court and just send the money over to your bookie even if it's the first quarter. Non stop bricks, non stop fouls, non stop turnovers. 

As usual this is a MAX BET, I like it so much I might charge $5 bucks for it. We don't play around in the playoffs, we go for it all. I am not losing another bet the rest of the NBA season.

Another reminder: Grant Williams is a top 10 player in the NBA and is an all around bad mother fucker.