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Celtics @ Heat GAME 3 (Max Bets All Around)

PICK: Miami Heat +3.5 (MAX BET)(5U)

How the f*** are you supposed to go to the finals with guys like Brad Wanamaker, Semi Ojeleye, and Grant Williams coming off your bench. Grant Williams is funny I'd die for him and the Knicks are probably finalizing a max offer to give him next season, but if Brad Wanamaker or Semi Ojeleye came absolutely anywhere near me I would file a restraining order. If you're wondering who my new target is to rip on all next year, its Brad Wanamaker.

This guy, F*** this guy. He's always trying to blow a spread or ruin a game.

Before the series, I wanted the Heat to win and I knew the Heat were winning. After Game 1 I thought this is going to be a fun/close series. After Game 2 it was clear and easy to see that the Heat are simply the better basketball team. 

To rally back in both games and at the end of 4th quarters to be down a couple points and stay completely calm, cool, disciplined, and patient, it’s over for this foul Celtics team. 

The amount of work these Heat players put in and the winning habits they've developed, there is no shot for the Celtics. The Miami Heat culture is truly one of a kind. The Miami Heat is one of if not the best organization in the NBA. The fact that I hated Jimmy Butler going to Miami over the 76ers is nothing short of a damn shame, and I should be punished for it.

This is also basketball and an absolute must win for the Celtics. It would be a shame for them to go out in an embarrassing way like a sweep or gentleman's sweep. This is a very tough game to bet on. Sometimes in basketball, shots just fall, and sometimes they don't. I could see the Celtics dying out there for a win tonight and then losing the next two because in this specific bubble series, the better team is gonna win. The better team is the Miami Heat.