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Bucks @ Heat (Preview) (Probably a Max Bet)

To start, the Milwaukee Bucks are a disgrace to the NBA. You truly have to try and build a regular season hero team like this. This disgusting, horrific, abomination of a team is built to coast through the regular season like it's nothing. Come playoff time once again, they are absolutely positively nowhere to be found. 

The Milwaukee Creeps are playing a team that plays defense and they cannot do a single thing against them. That call at the end of game 2 was awful, we know this, but the Bucks shouldn’t even have been in a position for that to possibly happen. The Milwaukee Bafoons should have won that game by 5+ absolutely no problem, especially in a must win bounce back game. They had the best regular season record and have the MVP on their team. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. 

Giannis Antemfkjdjredjsj. The fact I thought he’d show up to the playoffs this year and actually do his job is just embarrassing on my part. For the 3rd year in a row, he is not the best player on the court, he is a no show, and he stinks. Do I think he’d be able to show out in the playoffs in the right system and on the right team? Yes I do, but I’m gonna blame everything on him while I can. Giannis Antenfjdhjd is a one dimensional full blown clown show who is trying to develop a 3 point shot before he can even make a free throw. The fact I called this guy a “mega star” the other day, consider myself getting a psychological evaluation tomorrow morning DONE. Consider it legit done. 

You either take the Milwaukee Disaster Creeps this game or stay away. If you want my opinion I’d prefer them to cancel the series, advance the Heat, and start the shutdown process of the organization.