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Bubble Basketball Guide (MUST READ)

Yesterday was fairly traumatizing, but was needed. 

  1. Playoff teams are experimenting: Yesterday Frank Vogel was seeing what lineups worked and testing out a rotation. There were multiple occasions where I was grossed out by the 5 guys they had on the floor at the same time. Doc Rivers was testing how deep his team actually is. 

  2. Only regular season games with value are worth betting: A great example is the 3:00PM game today (Memphis vs Portland). This is a must win for both teams and the court will be filled with highly motivated players. 

  3. Premiere Stars are taking it easy: The LA matchup yesterday was good but as I called in my write up, “I don’t know what level LeBron will take it too.” That game had no value in my opinion and I should be put in a timeout for betting it. I’m expecting premiere stars to take it easy till playoffs. Like, easy, easy. Unless the team has a valid reason to win a game, don’t count on that team's star or stars to show out. Wait till the playoffs and they have pressure.

  4. Some organizations in this bubble are a bunch of clown shows: I understand the necessary precaution being taken with Zion, but really. They gave Zion 15 minutes. 15 minutes of playing time to blow your team's playoff chances instantly. For the love of actual God, the bubble was formatted around Zion finding a way in and this is how you repay Adam Silver? Who made this all happen. Fuck you Pelicans. 

  5. Zion is a catapult and the funniest player in the NBA: I have grown into the biggest Zion fan ever. I was crying laughing seeing his bursts of fury yesterday. The guy is a legit fullback out there. I got $5K on Zion winning MVP next year.