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Boston Celtics VS Miami Heat (PICK & PREVIEW)

You heard it here first. Us over here at Koolaid Bloggers have Duncan Robinson bouncing back shooting 100% from 3 and Kelly Olynak ripping Daniel Theis’s arm directly off. 

Goran Dragic should be ashamed of himself for blowing last game's spread. That was the most annoying thing any basketball player can possibly do to end a game. 

The fact that the Heat basically covered that game vs the Raptors is what's important here. Despite coming alive in the 4th quarter, the Heat were missing 3 point shot after 3 point shot. To expect another 3 point shooting drought from this team is unlikely regardless of a back to back. 

The Raptors defense is 2x better than the Celtics. The Celtics are long and play fair defense but are clearly more offense hungry behind Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown, and Gordon Hayward. They do have the most annoying little pest in the NBA, Marcus Smart, who I wouldn't accept a signed pair of shoes or basketball from, but they still don't compare to the Raptors. The Raptors are the hardest defensive team in the NBA. They focus on defense over offense and if Fred Van Fleet doesn't go for 35 that game the Heat win by a big margin shooting bad from 3 and simply just fighting for a win anyway they can. 

I'm expecting, back to back or not, a much better 3 point outing from the Miami Heat today aka the comeback kids! They have a much better opportunity to do so against this Celtics defense than that absolute ruthless Raptors D, who tweak players out before even doing anything on the court.

Kelly Olynyk > Steph Curry

Kelly Olynyk, what on earth is up with this guy. He does not miss from three and will take a shot anytime anywhere. He might be top 5 funniest players in the NBA I haven't decided yet. Either way he has my support and I'd die for him.

Overall i'm looking for the Heat to look much different out there tonight. Kendrick Nunn, 2 points. You got to be better than that. This guy is the starting point guard for Pat Rileys Miami Heat who are a contender this year. Bad games happen. The opportunity is there tonight to bounce back against another contender in the East.

Heat winning outright is something I would stay far away from. Jayson Tatum is a killer and it's not pleasant betting against him. The comeback kids with the points or stay away.