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76ers Rebirth & 76ers Addiction Hotline (COMING SOON)

I can FEEL the rebirth of the 76ers coming. I can SENSE my tears and pain already when I hammer them in the playoffs. If I lose even one pick on the Sixers the rest of the season, one pick, mark my words I will start an “Addicted to Betting The 76ers” Support Group and National Hotline. I will literally create a hotline to call when someone loses money on this team and needs someone to talk to. 

This team is identical to the Atlanta Falcons. You see them getting points, you have a flashback to their above average roster, and you end up in the dumps following the most horrific performance you've ever seen by a sports team. Every single time this happens. My huge win on the Sixers Christmas day was a feeling that one cannot explain through text. 

Ben Simmons started this season off drilling a random 3 pointer. Everyone was shook and if you know basketball thought, this could be their year. Since those two random 3s he took, he did not shoot another time and derailed the team the whole entire season. It got to a point where Joel Embiid was blaming him for the issues. The 76ers roster is capable, especially following the trade deadline of winning an NBA Championship. If Ben Simmons is shooting 3 pointers/mid range jump shots, the 76ers will be facing the Lakers in the Finals. I said this bullshit all year I sound like a broken fucking record. If he makes even 15% of the shots he takes, he’s still opening up the floor for Joel Embiid to go to work. Behind these two the Sixers can beat anyone in the East. The Sixers roster isn’t good, it's great. 

Matisse Thybulle, just wanna shout my guy out. He doesn't know who I am (he will soon when I sweep the playoffs with not a single betting loss, i'll probably be on the news) I rock with you. I love his bubble vlogs, his vibe, and what he brings to this team defensively. Matisse Thybulle is making defense cool again. If he can make a couple shots here and there and set the tone on defense, the Philadelphia 76ers are s.c.a.r.y. Chemistry wise Matisse Thybulle seems to be making things fun and bringing this team together. Let me tell you. This goofy ass fucking team needs it. 

Brett Brown probably deserves most of the blame for this team's regular season performance. It starts with him. He’s the head coach, you got the roster, you got two superstars, make it work. I really started to believe in the 76ers rebirth the second I saw Brett Brown announce he's moving Ben Simmons to power forward. Like dude, hallelujah, thank you. Make changes and see what works. 

Shake Milton at PG is cold. Shake was blowing up before Covid took over the United States and everything shut down. I'm expecting a whole new offense from these clown shows. Shake seems highly motivated, that's exactly what these Sixers need. Not saying he can be the leader of this team (he's only 23 with little experience), but he can definitely set an example, initiate the offense, and do a lot of good for this team. I feel he’s gonna be one of those guys who see the bubble opportunity and truly rise to the occasion. 

Like Jimmy Butler said on the JJ Redick podcast back in March. “Who the fuck is in charge on and off the court.” 

Al Horford, I'm feeling nice today. I won't even get on this guy, age is hitting him hard and he just seems to be losing it. I hope he bounces back in the bubble. 

Mr. Money Bags Tobias Harris. Love what he's doing outside of basketball, absolute incredible guy. On the court though, for what he's getting paid, unacceptable in my opinion. The only players who should be making 36 million a year to only shoot 3s is Klay Tompson and Steph Curry. This is pretty much all I saw Tobias doing for the most part this season. He stands behind the 3 point line and hits wide open shots. Then again, the 76ers didn't really put him a position to succeed or shine this year. This team was an absolute shitshow. Hopefully this team shows up to the playoffs with things figured out and Tobias can turn his offense up a notch. Defensively the Sixers are set but the offense is clearly where things get sketchy. Tobias Harris is a great player, but for 180M he needs to really step up come playoff time.

Josh Richardson’s two way play will obviously help this team tremendously. A big thank you to him for closing out the Clippers back on Feb. 11th. I deserved that win I truly did. 

This team is absolutely nuts and I think the rebirth of the 76ers is real. The Philadelphia 76ers are LIVE. If this team is ever gonna do anything, it'll be this year.