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76ers @ Celtics (Preview) (May God Help Me)

Dodging Game 1 on Monday was one thing, but dodging Game 2. Do I seem that strong? I got the 76ers +4.5 or 5 to the crab shack. If I can find God, even strength, I will be backing out of this game and staying away from it. The confidence in the 76ers tonight is real though.

This Philadelphia team is nothing short of disgraceful. From top to bottom they’re a complete and utter disaster. The 76ers have no leader and don't even have a coach. These players don't know how to play together nor even look like they want too. 

Yet, I still like them tonight. For one reason and one reason only, Joel Embiid. Seeing Josh Richardson and numerous others pass up getting the ball to Joel Embiid down the stretch was hard to watch. The Sixers were actually in that game.

Without Gordon Hayward who’s key to the Boston Celtics stellar perimeter shooting, I like a closer game and even an outright win from the 76ers. Can Jayson Tatum and others just step up? Yeah. Will they do that and cover the spread somehow? Probably. 

I'm still rolling with 76ers, may god help me. If the 76ers do not cover this spread. I will no longer be blogging or betting on basketball, I will be dedicating my free time towards building a betting 76ers National Hotline and Support Group for next season.

I don’t just believe the 76ers Sixers will cover, I know they will. 

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.